Herbs, particularly the wild kind are my passion, love and commitment. I first started working and playing with herbs as a young girl and my passion has now grown to fill every corner of my life and cupboards. It started out, as it does with all of us, as something that was just for me but has developed and deepened over the years. I now wish to share this ancient knowledge with all that have an interest in exploring the amazing world that is hiding within our hedgerows, fields, lanes, gardens and the green areas of our towns and cities.

Herb craft is as ancient and universal as man. We have used herbs and plants for our health and well-being since the beginning of time and have at times been burnt at the stake for it. It is only recently that we have forgotten this ancient knowledge and I feel now more than ever it is time for us to reconnect with the earth, seasons and the plants that grow all around us. Herbs are available to everyone, you don’t need to be living in the countryside to collect, connect and use these wonderful plants they can be found in our towns, green areas and back gardens.

Herb craft is about using the plants that grow around us to support us daily in our holistic well-being. It is a practice that grows with us through the seasons as we connect and learn a little more. It’s not something that a textbook can teach us alone, it’s about being out in nature, connecting with our surroundings and learning about the plants through our senses and hearts.

I regularly run seasonal herb workshops and herb walks throughout Dorset details and dates of these can be found on the workshop page.

if you would like to contact me by email or phone, please just drop me a line or give me a call. I’m always happy to talk herbs x 

tel:07876711407 or email hedgerowdee@hotmail.com