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If you are unable to make any of the above workshop dates I will also be teaching at other venues throughout 2021. Dorset Centre Creative Arts - Dorsethttps://dorsetcreativeartclasses.co.uk/current-list The Kingcombe Centre - Dorset https://www.kingcombe.org/book River Cottage - Dorset https://www.rivercottage.net/search?q=herbal Sustainability Centre - East Meon, Hants. https://www.sustainability-centre.org/adult-courses.html

Wild Garlic Scones

Wild Garlic Scones These scones need no introduction. Make these and your friends and family will love you forever. (This recipe can easily be adapted to be dairy or gluten-free) Here's what you need to make about 8 medium-sized scones. 225g/8oz Spelt flour Pinch of salt 1 level tablespoon of baking powder 25g/1oz butter 100g/4oz  of grated cheese plus a little extra for topping the scones 1 large egg 150ml/1/4pint of milk a handful/bunch of wild garlic - finely chopped ***** Preheat your oven to 200 deg c/gas 7 In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together. Rub in the butter. Mix in the finely chopped wild garlic and grated cheese until everything is combined well. Crack [...]

Red Clover Honey

Red Clover Honey   Red clover does contain small amounts of salicylic acid, so best avoided by those who are allergic to asprin. Summer is the perfect time to harvest her highly scented pretty pink flowers that adorn our grassy meadows and verges. You can use the flowers in salads, in cooking and are great for infusing honey, oils and vinegar. Here are my instructions on making a beautifully infused honey to drizzle on your toast or yoghurt, add to teas as a sweetener, use in dressings or just eat directly from the jar, while no ones looking! Making Red Clover honey is as simple as ... harvesting yourself some dry, sun-warmed flowers and popping them in a clean [...]

Dandelion Root Coffee

Dandelion Root Coffee Despite the name dandelion root coffee doesn't really taste much like coffee at all, but it is delicious to drink. It's not difficult to make and is a lot cheaper than buying it, in fact, all it requires is your time and for the oven to be switched on. Dandelion roots are renowned for supporting and helping the digestive system, making it a great after dinner cuppa. So, when you're out digging the garden this winter save your Dandelion roots from the compost heap and bring them inside, give them a good scrub and leave them in a warm dry space to dry out for a couple of days. After a couple of days slice the [...]

Strawberry and Rose Compote

Strawberry and Rose Compote I will be making many things for the kitchen, medicine cupboard and bathroom with the rose petals I collect this summer; one of my favourite being Strawberry and Rose Compote. It literally only takes a few minutes to make and is so delicious I can't resist eating it straight out of the jar. You will need Strawberries * Natural Rose Extract * 1/2 Lemon * Rose petals (optional) ***** Gently stew your strawberries in a pan (no need to add water), you can chop them up or leave them whole, or both. It won't take long for the strawberries to start to break down and release their juices, 5-10mins. At this point add a little [...]

Walks and other bits

I am always happy to run a seasonal herbal workshop or a walk near you, just drop me a line with your thoughts and I’ll be happy to chat in more detail. Tel: 07876711407 Email: hedgerowdee@hotmail.com

Wild Heart Plant Connection 2021 – Dorset.- Booking is now closed for 2021.

Please note: This course is only open to students who have completed 'A Year Amongst The Hedgerows' course. Wild Heart Plant Connection 2021 is an opportunity to come and learn to connect and work at a deep energetic/spirit level with the plants as our allies and teachers. This is how our ancestors worked; they held a deep connection to the spirit of the plants and a deep understanding of our interconnectedness and co-creative relationship. When we open ourselves up to connecting with the plants in this way we open up opportunities to receive the deep teachings and healings that the plants offer us through our wild heart connection. This course offers you the opportunity to reawaken this connection. [...]

A Year Amongst The Hedgerows – March-Dec 2021 – Dorset. – Booking is now closed for 2021.

A Year Amongst The Hedgerows
 course is a season-by-season journey through the year, working and connecting with the wild medicinal herbs that grow amongst our hedgerows and green spaces. We will work at many different levels exploring and working with local seasonal herbs to use daily in our lives for our health and well-being. Some of what we will cover will include: Foraging – herb walks - identification Hands-on herbal remedy making: – tinctures – infusions/decoctions – flower essence – syrups – oils – creams & balms. Everyone will create his or her own materia medica throughout the year. We will spend time deepening our sensory connection to the plants. Learn about the medicinal uses of the herbs, [...]

Winter – Kitchen Pharmacy – Sat 27th November 2021

at Witchampton Village Hall, Nr Wimborne, Dorset. 10am - 4pm This is a great opportunity to come and spend a day learning how to make a variety of herbal remedies from ingredients that you will find in your kitchen cupboards. I will teach you about the medical uses of the kitchen herbs and spices we use on a daily basis and show you how to easily make a variety of tonics, seasonal remedies, and first aid fixes from them. Your herb and spice cupboard will become the medicine cupboard you never knew you had. Please Note: This workshop doesn't involve any outside foraging. This is very much a hands-on workshop, where you will make a variety of remedies [...]

Autumn Herb Workshop – Sat 18th September 2021

at Witchampton Village Hall, Nr Wimborne, Dorset. 10am - 4pm Throughout the autumn months berries, hips, haws, and herbs adorn our hedgerows. A herbal abundance that we can gather to create herbal remedies that can help support our health and wellbeing throughout the darker months ahead. With our baskets in hand, we will be out amongst the hedgerows foraging and learning about the medicinal properties of the herbs & berries we find there. Back in the kitchen, we will create immune-boosting syrups, delicious oxymels, and autumn tonics, easy-to-make recipes for you and your family. Please Note: This workshop involves easy walking and foraging. This is very much a hands-on workshop, where you will make a variety of remedies [...]