Red Clover Honey

Red Clover Honey   Red clover does contain small amounts of salicylic acid, so best avoided by those who are allergic to asprin. Summer is the perfect time to harvest her highly scented pretty pink flowers that adorn our grassy meadows and verges. You can use the flowers in salads, in cooking and are great for infusing honey, oils and vinegar. Here are my instructions on making a beautifully infused honey to drizzle on your toast or yoghurt, add to teas as a sweetener, use in dressings or just eat directly from the jar, while no ones looking! Making Red Clover honey is as simple as ... harvesting yourself some dry, sun-warmed flowers and popping them in a clean [...]

Strawberry and Rose Compote

Strawberry and Rose Compote I will be making many things for the kitchen, medicine cupboard and bathroom with the rose petals I collect this summer; one of my favourite being Strawberry and Rose Compote. It literally only takes a few minutes to make and is so delicious I can't resist eating it straight out of the jar. You will need Strawberries * Natural Rose Extract * 1/2 Lemon * Rose petals (optional) ***** Gently stew your strawberries in a pan (no need to add water), you can chop them up or leave them whole, or both. It won't take long for the strawberries to start to break down and release their juices, 5-10mins. At this point add a little [...]

Meadowsweet Sorbet

Meadowsweet Sorbet Meadowsweet should be avoided by people with a Salicylate allergy/sensitivity - allergic to asprin. As you amble through lane, field or meadow during these sunshine filled days you will be greeted by the heady scent of meadowsweet. It is growing in abundance this year and I have already eaten one batch of this delicious sorbet. It takes a little time to freeze fully but is so worth the wait. This delicious, light, refreshing recipe will keep you coming back for more. You will need 4 handfuls of Meadowsweet flowers 225g of brown caster sugar (or white) 3 large lemons juiced 1 thinly grated lemon rind 600ml of water ******* Put the sugar and water in a pan, [...]