Dandelion Root Coffee

Dandelion Root Coffee Despite the name dandelion root coffee doesn't really taste much like coffee at all, but it is delicious to drink. It's not difficult to make and is a lot cheaper than buying it, in fact, all it requires is your time and for the oven to be switched on. Dandelion roots are renowned for supporting and helping the digestive system, making it a great after dinner cuppa. So, when you're out digging the garden this winter save your Dandelion roots from the compost heap and bring them inside, give them a good scrub and leave them in a warm dry space to dry out for a couple of days. After a couple of days slice the [...]

Parsnip and Dandelion soup

Parsnip & Dandelion Root Soup There is nothing better than a bowl of warming winter soup, especially after a day of forgaing. What you will need 3 x medium sized parsnips - chopped 1 x medium dandelion root - chopped 1 x medium onion - chopped 1 x stick of celery - chopped A knob of butter A splash of olive oil A teaspoon of whole grain mustard or a pinch of thyme. salt and pepper to taste ****** Put the onion, celery, butter and oil in a pan and gently cook until tender. Add the parsnip and dandelion roots and continue to gently cook for a minuet or two, add the thyme if using. Cover with water/stock and [...]

Rose Hip and Ginger Festive Reviver

Rose Hip and Ginger Festive Reviver With the winter festivities upon us, I thought I would share a great recipe for those moments when that last glass of wine may not have been such a great idea; leaving us feeling less than our best. This recipe is also great for those times when less than our best is a wishful thought as we are in fact feeling worse than ever. Rose hip and ginger festive reviver is basically a rehydration drink (great for hangovers/over indulgence). Rose hips are really high in vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin C, while also calming to the digestive tract. The ginger relieves nausea and sickness while keeping that tiered chilly feeling at bay. While [...]