In the beginning

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by plants and the positive effect that being in nature can have. I used to find solace and peace amongst the trees in my Granny’s garden and became very aware that there is far more to nature than we often initially perceive. 

As a teenager, I got distracted, but it wasn’t long before my interest returned and time with the plants and nature became a priority: I soon noticed that I was much happier with my feet were on the earth rather than on the pavements.

“No better knowledge is gained than by learning through direct experience.”

My formal Studies

Studying herbal medicine at university in a classroom never appealed to me; I wanted to be outside in direct contact with the plants. So, when I had the opportunity to study herbal medicine via an apprenticeship with Sensory Solutions, I jumped at the chance. I have enjoyed expanding my formal studies over the years with people like Pam Montgomery (Plant Spirit Healing), Mathew Wood, Jolie Elan, and many other inspirational teachers, as well as teaching alongside fellow plant and earth lover Glennie Kindred, who has always been a great inspiration.

My formal studies “rooted” me, and I have continued my journey with the plants over many years, deepening my knowledge and connection in the way I know best, directly from the plants themselves.

I also have a background as a holistic therapist, counsellor, and Soul midwife, all giving me a deep grounding and understanding of holistic wellness and people: this has led me to where I am now; sharing this ancient wisdom of herb craft with others.

Sharing Knowledge

I am passionate about sharing this ancient herbal wisdom and knowledge with others, helping people create and deepen their co-creative relationships with the natural world and the healing plants that grow locally to them.
I witness first-hand the healing and the changes that take place when people connect, work with, use and enjoy the wild herbs, plants and trees that grow all around us. It is important for all of us to have a connection to the wild; our disconnection has brought about much ill health.
When we use herbs to support our day-to-day well-being, remarkable changes happen not just physically, but our whole well-being improves. Using, working, and connecting to wild herbs for medicine and food, isn’t just for the few; it is available for everybody.

Dee is a wonderful and inspiring teacher and healer. I love her attitude! Dee is down to earth and encourages using herbs as part of our everyday life, enjoying and celebrating nature’s bounty that is on our doorstep, working with the seasons to promote health and happiness.


Jenni, Dorset.

Had a truly wonderful and inspiring day on the spring herbs course today. I was completely new to foraging but felt supported and confident by the end of the day. Dee is so warm and welcoming. Can’t wait to do another course soon.


Incredible, inspiring, warm lady with so much knowledge. I loved my day it was inspiring and full of wonderful information that was easy to digest and to put to good use. Thank you so much xx

Julie – Bournemouth

If anyone is considering Dee’s amazing course, A Year Amongst the Hedgerows, think no more, just book yourself on! Dee is a truly inspirational teacher and her plant wisdom is immense. She is so passionate about her teaching which makes her courses so rewarding.

T.Warr – Verwood, Dorset

You will not regret doing a course, it fulfilled every expectation and more and helped change my life so much for the better. Dee is the most excellent teacher who puts over what can be a very complex subject in an easy to understand way.  There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom with lots of fun and laughter.

J.G – Poole