Herbs, particularly the wild kind, are my passion

My interest in herbs started as a young girl. Years later, it now fills every corner of my life and cupboards. It started, as it does, as something that was just for me but has developed and deepened over the years.

I am passionate about sharing this ancient knowledge with all who are interested in exploring the world of wild medicinal herbs: these medicinal plants, often referred to as weeds, grow abundantly amongst our hedgerows, fields, gardens, and the green spaces within our towns and cities.

Connecting, working, and using herbs to support health and well-being is available to everyone. 

Herb craft and holistic well-being

Herb craft is about connecting and working with the wild herbs that grow all around us and understanding how we can use them to support us daily in our holistic well-being whilst honouring and enjoying our symbiotic relationship with them.

It’s a practice that becomes a way of being and a way of living, one that grows and deepens through the seasons of the year as well as the seasons of our lives. It re-awakens our wild hearts, our connection with the natural world, the herbs, and ourselves, which in turn helps to improve our health, happiness, and general well-being.

The best medicine and remedies we could ask for are those that are growing all around us.

Plants as medicine is as ancient and universal as we are

We have used herbs for our health and well-being since the beginning of time. It is only recently that we have forgotten this ancient knowledge, and I feel now more than ever it is an important time for us to be reconnecting with the earth, the seasons, and the incredible plants that grow all around us.

You don’t need to be living in the countryside to use and work with wild herbs; they can be found growing and thriving wherever you live.

Using herbs in our lives isn’t something that a textbook can teach us alone, it’s about being out in nature, connecting with and learning about the herbs through our direct experience.

If you would like to learn more about wild herb craft, making natural bathroom & cleaning products, or are looking to deepen your connection to the plants, the natural world, and yourself I run seasonal one-day workshops & year-long courses in Dorset and the south of England.

Details and dates can be found on the Workshop/Courses page.

Find out a bit more about what inspired my passion and love of wild medicinal herbs and why I feel it’s so important to keep this ancient wisdom alive.


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