at Witchampton Village Hall, Witchampton, Nr Wimborne, Dorset.

This course is an opportunity to come and learn to connect and work deeply with the plant spirit medicine, teachings and wisdom of the plant’s trees and mother earth.  

This is how our ancestors worked; they held a deep connection to the spirit of the plants and a deep understanding of our interconnectedness and co-creative relationship. When we open ourselves up to connecting with the plants in this way, we open up opportunities to receive the deep teachings and healings that the plants offer us through our wild heart connection. This course offers you the opportunity to reawaken this connection.

Throughout the course, you will

Reawaken your wild heart, learning to connect and establish deeper relationships with the plants as your allies and teachers and to receive the gifts of plant spirit medicine.

Through this heart-centered connection, you will open up pathways to a deeper healing journey, a deeper connection to the plants, the earth and your place within it. Throughout our journey together we will work with a different plant each time we meet, continuing this journey throughout the following lunar cycle using a variety of tools and techniques to deepen our connection.

This course is perfect for you if you are new to connecting with the plants in this way or if you have studied the medicinal aspect of herbs and now wish to deepen your connection to their spirit medicine, wisdom and teachings.

The course will run over 6 days from May to October. Course Dates 2025 – TBC

Each Day will start at 10am and finish around 4pm.

Places are limited to keep group numbers small. 

Refreshments and detailed handouts are provided. Please bring your lunch, cutlery and crockery will be provided. There are no local eateries or Cafes nearby. 

This course is designed to reawaken your wild heart and introduce you to a variety of techniques to deepen your plant spirit connection.

This is not a qualification but a connection for life.

If you would like to book a place or would like further information, please use the button below or drop me an email –

Here’s what others have said about their experience

This year has been the most incredible journey with the plants yet. This is the answer and the true heart opening to connect in the most incredible way ever. I felt this was my reward for all the work I had put in with the plants and boy how they give. I would have never imagined it could be this good. Huge thanks to Dee for being the most incredible teacher, facilitator and beautiful soul who holds us all in a sacred safe space. This course has changed my life in the most beautiful way and every time I walk outside I’m in the company of my true soul plant family. ❤ J.Gane

Wild Heart Plant Connection is a beautiful course that allows you time and space to deepen your connection to both plants and to yourself. Dee is a thoughtful and generous guide on this journey. If you are interested in the more energetic and spiritual aspects of herbalism and healing. I would highly recommend this course. Helen Carmicheal

I am just over half way through the unique course ‘Wild Heart Plant Connection’ and I am loving every aspect of it.  Some of the material and ideas are new to me, and that is why I have learnt such a lot on this course.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I could work in a new way with plants, but I have soon discovered that the connection we make with plants is very special and they can support and guide us on our life’s journey. We have worked in depth with one plant each month, a secret to be unveiled on the day of the course, and we have made plant spirit essences, dream pillows, sprays and meditated with the plants to help us on our journey.   In parallel, the connection we have all made to each other as we journey is unique and magical.

This has been a life changing course for me, and I have looked forward to every course day with great enthusiasm and anticipation! – Sue