Herbal Bathroom Products Workshop – Saturday 27th November 2022

at Witchampton Village Hall, Nr Wimborne, Dorset. 10am - 4pm Cost: £75.00 per person  This is a great opportunity to come and spend a day learning how to make a variety of tried and tested herbal bathroom products. Products that are kind to you, the earth, reduce single-use plastic and will save you pennies. This workshop is hands-on, so you will have a whole variety of products to take home with you along with detailed handouts. We will use a variety of dried herbs that can easily be foraged from the hedgerows or found growing in your garden and natural ingredients that you will have in your kitchen cupboards or that can easily and cheaply be bought (some [...]

Wild Heart Plant Connection 2023 – Dorset.

Dates TBC. Please note: This course is only open to students who have completed 'A Year Amongst The Hedgerows' course. Wild Heart Plant Connection is an opportunity to come and learn to connect and work at a deep energetic/spirit level with the plants as our allies and teachers. This is how our ancestors worked; they held a deep connection to the spirit of the plants and a deep understanding of our interconnectedness and co-creative relationship. When we open ourselves up to connecting with the plants in this way we open up opportunities to receive the deep teachings and healings that the plants offer us through our wild heart connection. Throughout the course, you will reawaken your wild heart, [...]

A Year Amongst The Hedgerows 2023 – Dorset.

Dates TBC 'A Year Amongst The Hedgerows'
  is a season-by-season journey through the year, working and connecting with the wild medicinal herbs that grow amongst our hedgerows and green spaces. We will work at many different levels exploring and working with local seasonal herbs to use daily in our lives for our health and well-being. Some of what we cover will include: Foraging – herb walks - identification Hands-on herbal remedy making: – tinctures – infusions/decoctions – flower essence – syrups – oils – creams & balms. Everyone will create his or her own materia medica throughout the year. We will spend time deepening our sensory connection to the plants. Learn about the medicinal uses of the herbs, [...]

Autumn Herb Workshop – Saturday 17th September

at Witchampton Village Hall, Nr Wimborne, Dorset. 10am - 4pm Cost: £70.00 per person Throughout the autumn months berries, hips, haws, and herbs adorn our hedgerows: a herbal abundance that we can gather to create herbal remedies that help support our health and wellbeing throughout the darker months ahead. With our baskets in hand, we will be out amongst the hedgerows foraging and learning about the medicinal properties of the herbs & berries we find there. Back in the kitchen, we will create immune-boosting remedies, delicious oxymels, and autumn tonics: easy-to-make remedies for you and your family. This is very much a hands-on workshop, where you will make a variety of remedies to take home with you and [...]

Summer Herb Workshop – Saturday 23rd July 2022

at Witchampton Village Hall, Nr Wimborne, Dorset. 10am - 4pm Cost: £70.00 per person Summer not only gifts us with longer, sunnier days but our hedgerows, fields, gardens, and green spaces offer up an abundance of wild medicinal flora. During this workshop, you will forage and learn about the herbs of summer, their medicinal uses, and how we can use them daily for our health, wellbeing, and to treat seasonal ailments. You will learn to make herb-infused honey, aromatic sprays and learn the best ways to dry the herbs we find to make a variety of herbal teas: enabling you to fill your teapots throughout the months ahead with the beautiful, free, herbal bounty that you can gather [...]

Spring Herb Workshop – 2023 TBC

at Witchampton Village Hall, Witchampton, Nr Wimborne, Dorset. 10am-4pm Cost: £70.00 per person As new growth appears everywhere, you will be amazed as we explore the remarkable world of wild medicinal herbs that are growing amongst our hedgerows, gardens, and green spaces during spring. Not only are we able to eat a lot of these wild plants, but they also have amazing medicinal/health-giving properties that we can use in preventing and treating our seasonal ailments. During the day we will be out and about learning easy ways to identify a variety of spring herbs, learning all about their medicinal/health-giving properties, and how you can use them to treat your seasonal ailments and enhance your day-to-day health and wellbeing. [...]